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Our Approach

Marketing to the Interested

From digital IP targeting campaigns to new mover marketing programs, CMPkc has perfected engagement strategies that lead to positive ROI for our clients. Our consumer engagement strategies are designed to motivate your target audiences to interact and encourage them to learn more about your products and services. Whenever possible, we collect and store data provided from interactions so you can send subsequent, relevant communications. We call this “marketing to the interested,” and it is far more effective than any segmentation scheme or modeling algorithm.

CMPkc Helps Clients Ignite Their ROI.

New Mover Marketing Program

Many of our clients experience double-digit response rates and a very low cost per acquisition with this program.

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New Parent Marketing Program

This ready-for-change audience creates new marketing opportunities for establishing relationships and building loyalty.

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Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Our unique strategies help you identify interested consumers and
build relationships and loyalty.

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One-to-One Automation Marketing

Using our proprietary data collection process, we customize communications to your customers and prospects based solely upon self-reported attributes.

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IP Direct Marketing

Our innovative digital marketing programs help our clients dramatically increase campaign response and new customer acquisition.

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Database Marketing

Our strategies and tactics reel in targeted consumers who are interested in your products and services, capture their interactions and solidify these relationships with personal, relevant messages.

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IP Direct MarketingTM

Convert physical addresses to IP addresses to sync your display ads with direct mail/email campaigns. This patented technology makes it easy to place banner and video ads under a single rooftop based solely on the mailing address, all without the use of cookies.

New Movers

Digitally engage new movers in as little as 24 hours.

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IP Targeting

Convert physical addresses to IP addresses to sync your display ads with direct mail/email campaigns.

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Combine Online Marketing with Direct Mail to Ignite Your ROI

CMPkc's approach to direct mail is as innovative as its implementation of digital marketing. When marketers combine direct mail with IP Direct Marketing, they create a multi-channel approach that produces the highest ROI. In addition, for marketers who wish to show their physical proximity to their target audiences, CMPkc's custom print and interactive mapping technologies provide the next-level engagement.

Our Services

Why do we stand out in the crowd?

We deliver new mover marketing campaigns and digital engagement strategies like no other in the industry. CMPkc specializes in the development and execution of marketing strategies and communications for a broad range of industries, including retail, healthcare, restaurants, banking and real estate, among others. We have been perfecting consumer engagement and relationship building communications for more than 30 years. Through methodical testing and analysis of marketing tactics, we have determined how to influence the behavior of consumers to dramatically increase your market share and provide lower cost per customer acquisition.

Successful Partnerships

Let's Get Started

We'd really like the opportunity to discuss your marketing objectives and how CMPkc’s approach to new movers and various target audiences can ignite your ROI.